Part management consultancy, part integrated marketing communications agency. 

The Elias Agency primarily works with organizations that are going through a period of change that impacts how they communicate with stakeholders and what they expect to achieve from it.

The agency aspect of our work introduces new approaches and new tools as we craft integrated communications campaigns that meet well-defined and measurable business objectives. The management consultancy aspect of our work reaches into our clients’ organizations to help make the changes needed to ensure that these new approaches to have the maximum possible impact and are sustainable.

Why the mix? Experience has taught us that there is significant untapped ROI that can be unlocked through integration, and through communications that are driven by tangible business needs. And experience has taught us that organizations often need to modify parts of their operations to ensure they achieve a maximum, sustained yield from the benefits of improved marketing communications.

Who works with The Elias Agency?

Our sweet spot is change, so we tend to work with start-ups and relatively young organizations that have a clear to improve and professionalize their marketing communications in order to grow their business. And we work with large organizations that need to improve and modernize their communications functions, usually working in partnership with a new CEO, CMO or CCO that has a mandate to improve marketing communications and needs an experienced partner that can help them do that without any disruption to their ongoing communications efforts.

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